Sunday, February 12, 2012

Farewell for now

It's hard to believe I've been living in California for over nine years. Somehow time snuck up on me. And I'm so changed because of the time I've been here, and for that I am so very grateful. There are many elements that seem integral to being me, and yet, I'm not sure they were always there. After nine years here, I'm obsessed with the outdoors. I'm more comfortable in the woods than a conference room. More excited to shop at North Face than Neiman's. Happier at the farmer's market than the grocery store. Always looking for new parks, new trails, new running routes, special trees, wild flowers and so much more.

Not to sound like a total flower child, because I'm certainly not, but California has given me so many gifts. A sense of calm, found wondering in ancient redwood groves and by meandering streams. Wonder and awe in the valleys of Yosemite. Serenity in the alpine waters of Lake Tahoe. Adrenaline rushes in the waves at Stinson. And a sense of adventure, and possibility, have been infused into my way of life.

So as my husband and I prepare to leave (tomorrow!) I've gathered a few of my favorite pictures to share. You can see the themes. Big, blue sky. The ocean. The western-facing sunsets. The beach...and trees. This is such a tiny smattering. I hope you enjoy them.

Come back at the end of the week for some Morocco posts, as we land Friday!

IMG_3450 IMG_2990 IMG_3183 IMG_2991 IMG_1683 IMG_1509 DSC_0001 IMG_7865 IMG_7720 IMG_7704 IMG_7697 IMG_7084 IMG_4497

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  1. Thanks for these gorgeous photos.

    Bon Voyage! Can't wait to check back here for tales of your adventures.