Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sounds of surf in Essaouira

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Gulls soar through the sky. Steady waves crash dramatically on cliffs and rocks, sending ocean sprays four stories up to the terrace of our guest house, wetting the camera lens and fogging up my sunglasses. Peals of laughter. The cries of birds as they dive for food.

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The sounds of Essaouira, a little old Portuguese walled village on the southern coast of Morocco, are surf. And gulls. Festive Gnaoua music. And the haunting, furious wind. And the ocean. Did I mention the ocean?

Without a doubt, most chill place I've been in Morocco.

We even extended our stay to continue our relaxing meanders through town and on the beach. Having such a lovely little guest house helps too, I can't recommend La Casa del Mar enough. I'm in love with the hospitality, beachy-white look and delicious breakfast.

In terms of sights, we're just kind of kicking it. Every day, we walk through the medina, we walk by the ocean, we have coffee, we walk some more, and so on. Somehow this little battered village by the sea is just transfixing. Come see (and relax!) for yourself!

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Crumbling buildings in the Mellah, the old Jewish quarter.

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Idriss on the balcony of our pristine hotel.

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Scenes of the ancient medina.

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The fishing boats on an afternoon too windy to head to see.

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And old gate to the medina.

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The interior wall of the medina on the left, renovated houses on the right.

Pictures can't quite capture the true spirit of the medina though, come and check it out!

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